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Singapore, 4th July 2023 – The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20 YEA) is a global network comprising over 500,000 young entrepreneurs who gather annually to influence and catalyze improvements in business policies worldwide.

This year, G20 YEA Singapore (G20 YEA SG) proudly announces the selection of six delegates who will represent Singapore at the summit in Delhi, India from 13th to 15th July. These delegates will bring Singapore’s unique perspectives to the summit’s theme, “‘Hum’ – together we are one!”, promoting transformation and coexistence in the spirit of harmony.

The delegation comprises distinguished representatives from various industry sectors, including Education, Sustainability, and Information Technology. As experienced entrepreneurial leaders, they are well-positioned to present insightful solutions at the summit.

Ms. Pek Yun Ning, Deputy Head of the delegation, expressed her excitement, stating, “I look forward to connecting with the world’s young leaders, listening to their perspectives, and exploring collaborative ways to achieve global outcomes.”

The summit offers a range of activities to achieve its objectives, including curated networking sessions where entrepreneurs, political leaders, and social changemakers converge and connect. Delegates will also participate in sector-specific industry visits to gain valuable insights into their desired sectors. 

Beyond these activities, the Singapore delegation will observe other entrepreneurs from around the world contribute to an official communiqué on global entrepreneurship policy, which will be submitted to the G20 Leaders. This communiqué serves as a vital channel to ensure that the voices and perspectives of young entrepreneurs are heard by decision-makers. The G20 YEA SG delegation actively engages in conversations addressing a wide range of topics, from regulation and taxation to education and training, thereby fostering the enhancement of the global entrepreneurial culture.

The G20 YEA Singapore’s founder and co-chair Melvyn Goh said: “I am honoured to be joined by these promising Singaporean entrepreneurs who have undergone a rigorous selection process to participate in the three-day G20 YEA Summit, which spans 800 delegates and over 45 countries. I am confident that the summit will strengthen not only their international networks but also their personal and business growth.”

The Singapore Delegation:

Melvyn Goh, Managing Partner, Succession Advisory Partners
Pek Yun Ning, CEO and Founder, SGP Foods
Jayren Teo, Co-Founder and Partner, Asiarath
Dinesh Natarajan, Founder and CEO, Trident Strategy
Jared Yeo, Co-founder and CEO, The Global Citizen Education Group
Lyu Dongyue, Co-founder, Gustomask

For more information on the summit, please visit https://www.g20yea-india.com and https://g20yea.sg/.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dinesh Natarjan
[email protected]
+65 90114736


Fig 1: G20 YEA Summit 2022, Germany

Fig 2: Delegates, G20 YEA Summit 2023 Delegates, Singapore
From Left to Right: Dinesh, Melvyn, Yun Ning, Jared, Jayren
Not in picture: Dongyue
Photo Credit: Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore