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Prince Fahad bin Mansour (Center) attends a signing ceremony between Singaporean firm Codesurance represented by Jayren Teo (Left) and Saudi company Healthgena represented by Huda Alfardus (Right) in New Delhi, India at G20 YEA Summit on July 15, 2023. (Photo Credits)

Singapore’s Codesurance with Saudi Arabia’s HeathGena to Drive Tech Innovation and Market Access

Singapore, September 5, 2023 – Codesurance from Singapore and HealthGena are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration is poised to foster innovation, facilitate market access, and accelerate the growth of technology companies in both Singapore and Saudi Arabia, marking a significant stride in global entrepreneurship and technology advancement.

Unveiling a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – Forging Collaborative Ventures

This milestone Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Codesurance and HealthGena was signed at the recently concluded G20YEA Global Summit at New Delhi, India. This landmark MoU lays the foundation for a revolutionary chapter of cooperation, innovation, and technological exchange between young entrepreneurs from Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

  1. Joint Acceleration Program: The collaborative efforts of Codesurance and HealthGena will spearhead an avant-garde Joint Acceleration Program. Designed to catalyse growth and foster innovation, this program offers a launchpad for tech-enabled companies, propelling their expansion and exploration of new markets through synergistic collaboration between Singapore and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Amplified Market Access: This partnership will serve as a seamless conduit, facilitating market access for companies from both countries. By erasing barriers and streamlining market entry, startups and established businesses can seamlessly expand their reach, establish fruitful collaborations, and diversify their clientele.
  3. Advancing Technologies: A core focus of this collaboration lies in identifying and seizing market opportunities in pivotal sectors such as healthcare and space technologies.

Elevating Ecosystem Interaction

Echoing Prince Fahad’s remarks from the G20 YEA Summit, “the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Singapore aims to foster a robust ecosystem of innovation and exchange where there are a lot of synergies between startups. It is important to develop a great ecosystem interaction between Singapore and Saudi Arabia”.

The combined efforts of Codesurance and HealthGena are set to reshape the landscape of innovation, technology exchange, and economic advancement between the two countries. This partnership not only propels economic growth but also paves the way for groundbreaking progress in diverse industries.

Melvyn Goh, President of G20YEA Singapore said. “We applaud Jayren Teo’s entrepreneurship, his bold vision and can do attitude that have led to this collaboration. G20YEA Singapore is thrilled that G20YEA serves as an impactful platform to advocate entrepreneurship and drive innovation across borders.”

“This collaboration will further our partnership with Saudi Arabia since our foray into the Middle East market 5 years ago. We will continue to support both Singapore and Saudi Arabia companies in their commercialisation journey in our respective regions. Our goal is to democratise the access and use of these technologies for the benefit of socioeconomic development and progress. We welcome participation in our 1st joint-initiative, HealthSpaceTech.com for advancing Healthcare innovations.” – Jayren Teo, Founder & CEO, Codesurance.

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About G20YEA Singapore 

G20 YEA Singapore is an observer to G20 YEA. We envision to be a network for Singaporean young business leaders, empowering them at the national and international level. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA) is a global network consisting of young Entrepreneurs and the Organisations that support them.
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About Codesurance

Codesurance is a next-gen Global Tech Venture Studios & Acceleration company that co-creates with great founders to develop investible startups to solve industry problems and go-to-market. A Singapore-based invite-only Accelerator and Global Venture Studio for Tech-enabled Startups. We envision a world that fosters cooperation between Humans and Machines with extended cognition.
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About HealthGena

HealthGena, as a Saudi-based licensed digital incubator and accelerator, and a trusted private white-label operator for government-led innovation and entrepreneurship development programs. It aims to globalize Saudi-born companies and attract foreign companies to localize to the lucrative market of Saudi Arabia.