G20 YEA Singapore


Singapore delegation is inspired to participate in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit at Hamburg, Germany. The theme of the Summit is Harbouring Peace and Sustainability through Entrepreneurship. The Summit has bought together hundreds of young entrepreneurs from across the G20 countries to experience collaborative learning through an action-packed agenda which will include policy and business deliberations and networking activities.

“Entrepreneurship is about possibilities and renewal…” as shared by Alex Gill in his opening words for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit 2022 in Hamburg.

I have met and heard from youth entrepreneurs during the keynotes, panel sessions and networking session on their enthusiasm to work on their passion and life beliefs. They are people who chose not to ride life as a passenger but take the plunge into the life of entrepreneurship and take charge of their lives and that of whom they have impacted through their ventures.

It is heartening to hear how everyone is coming together to work on what we as youth entrepreneurs can achieve together across borders and fighting for sustainability in our ventures while overcoming inequalities, so that everyone will get a chance to compete regardless of our backgrounds.

This the most promising and driven group of youth I have met thus far and it was only day one. Looking forward to more today!

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